James, it is time for you and everyone to understand that...

Agent-x - October 2 2011, 11:39 AM

James, it is time for you and everyone to understand that:
►Aristide is the Messiah from GOD to the Haitian People.

►Repent all you sinners and fall down and worship Aristide.

►Keep a picture of Aristide in your home and be saved from the horror to come.
►I am the one sent to warn all of you, so that you can be saved.

►Those who know understand the five black arrows.

My Rosicrucian brothers and sisters let Aristide in your heart and see Haiti become Holy Land.

It is time for everyone for you and everyone to understand that Aristide did not eat a baby, as told in the article below:
21:30 Hours, March 5, 2000.

Only Aristide

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Only a fanatic of Aristide will dream of this...


Peace is possible in Haiti if and only if

Haiti currently appear like a sac of crabs and harmony is not possible at this point of time. Agent-X recommends the...

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