Hey T, Haiti is in the REAL world. It is part of the third...

Bernadette - October 8 2011, 12:03 AM

Hey T, Haiti is in the REAL world.

It is part of the third world economically speaking.

The CIA, FBI, Democrats, Republicans are the very same people.

They are on the same team:USA's. We must resigned ourselves to the fact that we can't fight America.

But surrender to them would be a mistake.

We don't need to buy their outdated weapons to help facilitated more killings of our own. A military force trained by USA team can only exacerbate more Black-on-Black crimes that the world will ignore as locally incidentals, as in the past...I am afraid that we will be running in an ever ending circle.

I can't think of any exemplary military force of our own from past Haiti's history with the exception of the War of Haiti's Independence.

Things have changed since then; America has mastered that art to a perfection.

Their military expenditures are disproportionate to the rest of their economy.

View of our past history with the military, imported or exported, I don't believe we need one. Our youths belong in training programs designated for the development of Haiti and of themselves.

We have enough of the killing fields, let us move forward.

Toulimen, There are no hard and fast rules to Haiti's problems.

We should not take any short cuts either.

I believe the military is one of those short cuts.
Pointing fingers is not my forte.

Finding solutions to problems is more productive and less toxic to a Country's well being, especially Haiti's. The Bakers have been in Haiti since mid 1800's; Don't you think they are entitle to be Haitians?

The African-Americans are our brothers, sisters and cousins.

They came to the New World (America) they same way that we did and from the same boat. We share a common bond with them and with each and every single Black person or person of African-descent throughout Latin America, the Caribbeans and Asia. We are not inferior nor superior to them. We need to get off of our high horses to join hands with people like us, hence help ending the self-isolation that we imposed on ourselves.

Joining forces is true POWER, it diminishes domination from others (first world economies).

The diseases you mentioned, T, is the result of poor nutrition and is inheritance of any lower socio-economic individual regardless of country of origin.

Haiti is no exception to the rule, and is happening right here in the good old USA.
What do we do at this point?

Well, we need to sort out what is basically bare essentials, than start with it.
I would not rule out foreign aid for now, as it is a staple of our economy.

We do need to take some distances and give boundaries to our benefactors, even though they are helping us economically.

We don't have to accept everything nor should we be made ashamed of the help. After all, they are using and misusing a lot more of earth's natural resources at our expense.

It is very reasonable that we get some compensation for not using as much as they are...Our population is not aging as well as first world economies and is missing a lot on wisdom and experiences due to widespread use of social injustice.

However we must find a way to end this relationship sooner than later as it is seemingly crippling us. We must use our natural resources, we must invest in our people, we must be innovative.

Above all, we CANNOT be divided.

Some people are counting on our division to push us further into nothingness.

Patrolling our borders?

for what?

Drug cartels?

Give me a break.

Everybody knows by now, illicit drugs are part of any country, especially the third world.

This is how the third world pays its debt to the first world and everybody looks the other way. Those countries also benefiting from their people's drug habit as they are getting raid of their weaker minded citizens in the process...

I would suggest again that the Haitian government give these people boundaries as to where they can't proliferate into the Country.

If they don't obey, then again the Haitian government should find an indirect way to punish them as most countries do...

It seems to me that we need to start from the obvious: Permanent housing for the displaced.

Clean-up the streets, then education and health care. Leaving the streets the same way served no purpose as the public is hardened to the plight of the last quake victims.

The streets should be cleaned by now. A lot of the kids made it to school, fine, but can they learn on an empty stomach?

Can they learn without the security of a home environment?

The school was a nice peace offering, let us see what comes of it. I understand that we have to do projects piece-meal, but they have to start from the most basics.

Toulimen, look at the Amish as an example in America.

They formed their own communities, accept no help, refuse access to public transportation or the use of cars, refuse the use of electricity and other modern amenities, grow their own food, make their own clothes.

They have done it and survived.

Haiti, too, can redefine itself to its own image.

The Haitian Elite?

Every country has a 1%-5% of those.

We must act like the parents to find a way to tolerate them like other countries do with theirs.

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