Haitian Vitamin-News for 8 October 2011

Agent-x - October 8 2011, 5:41 AM

Nostradamus predicted that the FADH will be resuscitated during judgment days not now.
If Martelly were not allergic to books, printed matters and fine prints he would be spared from this new blunder that reads "Haitian President Michel Martelly plans to begin recruiting the first 500 soldiers for a new national military force from next month"
Rumors abound that he is recruiting several thousand pink malice and an extrajudicial assassination squad to kill his opponents inside and outside of Haiti.

We are reminding him that b

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Agent-x; Loser,you have mails in belpolitik for the past days. Aristide is no where in Haiti.Can you tell me where he is? I am waiting for your punk A S S. more »

Agent-x says...

Alexandre do yourself a favor start playing the Webert Sicot retro to improve your IQ because Cadence Rempas is the most sophisticated music in Haiti.♫♫ Main Jet la Si ou parle se Choeur ou ap kimbe. more »

Ti Will says...

yo you must be crazi to say weber sico muzik is best muzik. that min you don know nothin good you stupid evey haitian no compas is the bes muzik in haiti no bodi play yor stupid weber sico animor in haiti stupid illiet more »