I agree with you at 500 hundred percent, but listen our elites...

Toulimen - October 8 2011, 10:59 PM

I agree with you at 500 hundred percent, but listen our elites don't really believe in Haiti's self-economic development rather they integrate Haiti into the world economy to bankrupt it again.

Back to 1950, Haiti was on the same equal footage to any world nation.

With the CIA agent Duvalier Francois through Martelly, Haiti became a beggary country and most Haitians became beggars.

How can you solve this equation?

I do believe in self-economic development of a country, but can you do it with beggary elites or leaders.

Listen, I don't cultivate any hatred toward our brother African-Americans because we are governed by the same biracial and white masters.

Biracial African-Americans like Baker to name a few are in Haiti since 1864 and they were sent in Haiti by the U.S. Elites to replace the French mulatto descents who were dying in a great numbers without leaving any progenies at all to replace them. The French mulattoes were despised by the U.S. and France so they did not see the need to leave a lot of progenies behind.

That's why you have as an Biracial-Haitian African American industrialist in Haiti.

He is a settler like many others to colonize Haiti for the United States.

We will never get out of this equation unless we join our forces toward a social revolution to eradicate this self-internal colonization.

I took classes with African American professors and I was told that the biracial African Americans are our new commanders whether in America, Haiti and elsewhere in the world.

I fought them but when they wrote the family names of my elites down to the board like Berndt as transformed in Brandt, Khols as Coles, DeLatorre as Delatour, Mezvinsky as Mevs, and others to name a few there was no room for any argumentation whatsoever.

I love the Amish people and the Native Americans, but Haitians are not resilient at all to imitate those people.

We were resilient people before Duvalier and idea of resiliency stopped since 1956. We can be reborn again if we accept to be ourselves.

Those mentioned diseases as cited in my previous posts are not the results of any poor nutrition in Haiti rather they are the results of imported conventional foods from America and Dominican Republic.

We need to grow our own local foods again to feed ourselves, and Haiti should stop importing poor conventional foods filled with chemicals from America.

How can you convince the 75 percent of our elites accounted for Biracial-Haitian African-Americans like Baker, Brandt, Coles and so on to name a few by telling them that Haiti should grow it's own food to feed its people?

Next, you will be killed by a CIA killer in Haiti.

The United States owns all the gangs and drug traffickers of Haiti and they are there to create political troubles to force Haiti to restore it's army. Who wants the army?

The biracial African-American Haitian Conservatives like Baker, Brandt, Mevz and so on. We, Haitians, don't care whether we have an army or not.

What we want is education and self-economic development.

I favor an army so the CIA killers in Haiti can stop destroying Haiti.

America is the destabilizing force of Haiti and to stay away or getting rid of them with seventy five person of their settlers in Haiti will not be an easy task for us. Learn your lesson and do the Haitian map before it is too late. We both understand the problems of Haiti, but cannot solve it unless we join our forces together to do so. I am not a revolutionary leader, but many people told me that only an economic revolution or a social revolution can change the face of Haiti.

Martelly is gearing toward an economic revolution so let's give him a thumb up. Take care!

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