Once again, this what we, Haitian, do. We spend a lot of our...

Tiba - October 9 2011, 8:30 AM

Once again, this what we, Haitian, do. We spend a lot of our time talking in circle with no substance without thinking throught history and specially the reality of the political landscape of our country.

When are we going to own our failure and acknowledge that we have created the problems of our country, and all of the complexity of the current state of our country is our own making and we can undo them all for the sake of our country if we really want to save Haiti?

First reality is, Haiti has a police force to police the streets, arrest criminals and all the law brakers, to protect the public and to serve the public.

A military's job is to protect the entire nation from foreign attacks and intervention.

As it works in every country on the planet, a military stays in the barrak where it bolongs and not on the street.

Second reality, with or whitout a Haitian military, Haiti has always been controlled by, dictated by, and managed by the United States of America and always will be. A Haitian military cannot and will never be able to stop US from occupying Haiti ever.

Third reality, Haiti is not finacially self-sustaining and that is why Haiti has become the professional beggar of the world.

Remember the old saying "Money talks." Those with the power of the purse make the rules and control the show. To have a Haitian military force, that will depend on the international community including the United States that are going to foot the bill, the training, the equipments, and the weapons.

You all must know that it is going to cost Haiti $50 million to recreate that military, money that Haiti doesn't have and guess who's going to provide that money?

You know who!

Fourth reality is that the downfall of Haiti is a result of the INCOMPETENCE AND THE MEDIOCRITY of her governments past and present and her so-called leaders.

The absence of leadership has made Haiti the joke of the day.

Fifth reality, Haiti is never going to move forward as long as the Haitian society remains "EXCLUSIVE."

PS. until Haiti can pay for and finance its own elections completely and totally, Haiti is doomed to be told what to do. Of course, countries would need help from other countries but when a country like Haiti shifts its entire annual budget and its entire finacial burden on the international community, it's a call for trouble.

Remember once again, "MONEY TALKS" and Power of the Purse makes all the rule and control the entire game. Think about that people before we keep going in circle.

As a people let us stop living in denial, in delusion, in illusion, and certainly in paranoia.

I hope one day Haitians will get struck by lightnings and woke up with brand new ideas and clearer minds to think rationally about concrete solutions for our country, Haiti.

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