Mr Martelly's plan to rebuild the army!

Ti-g - October 14 2011, 8:53 PM

If that army is to provide safety and security to the population I would be very much in favour.

The tourists, the numerous "ex-pats" who live abroad would welcome the chance to return to the homeland which would bring much needed cash that could be useful to the country's reconstruction and development, create jobs.
That army should also be trained to respond immediately to disasters.

They should be ready to be sent to the country side, to help in reforestration.

That army's also main goal would be to disarm the bandits, prevent drug trafficking.

Haiti needs a good reputation in order to encourage outside investment.

That's what the dialog should be about.

I am a Hiatian born Canadian.

I care for Haiti.

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Mac Handal says...

Beside The Army, President Martelly should adjust the 1987 constitution to cleary include all sectors and all haitians. You cannot have peace and Unity with a cons titution that exclude Haitians and makes no provision for 5 million Haitians more »