wyclef jean should be available to run for president

Frantz Michel - October 15 2011, 6:14 PM

Congratulation Mr President Michel Martelly you are doing a great job for the haitien people Haiti is on a very good stage right now to compare all the precious government for the past 25 years corruption fake busted politicians but Haiti is waking up we will get out of the parlement trust me this the last mandate of all unite members I guaranteed you they will no unite party cause preval took office twice and none change unite mean corruption they must go go //God willing//the Haitien people believe that Haiti will change and we feel the change now cause of the new government
Mr president the constitution need a big time reform because we the haitien people want to see wyclef jean running for president election 2016 if He want too please
Thank you

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Antoine Simon Estime says...

Right on the point my brother. Look This is the moment to advocate for a just reform of Haiti 1986 Constitution created during a time of emotion and false illusion ( dechoukage ). See, Mr.Duvalier and Mr. Aristide visited by President Martelly more »