Wanted: Slingshots or Fistibals are needed for Michel Martelly military

Agent-x - October 26 2011, 3:36 PM

Michel Martelly malice milice Rose or malicious Pink militia are trying to buy weapons thru his crack, cocaine marijuana drug cartels connections in Florida, Colombia and Mexico to equip his militia because the weapons or arms embargo on Haiti prevent him from buying weapons on the open market.

Such moves will add his name again in the latest catalog with his association with malefactors.

He will be better of f start fabricating slingshots or fistibals to equip his worthless thugs and assassins.

Law enforcement and coast guard were alerted.

Look at their pictures on the New york Times.

They are using their fingers instead of real weapons.

This might means also an army of perverts and degenerates since they are using their fingers.

◙ New York Times Global Edition Americas-- By RANDAL C. ARCHIBOLD ▬ 25 October 2011►Haitians Train for a Future with a Military

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Agent-x says...

Addendum: Michel Martelly could use the fistibals or slingshots as Defense Anti Aircraft--DCA to shutdown his Dominican competitors that are returning from Colombia Florida and Mexico. Maximum range of the fistibals or slingshots is 75 feet which al more »