neg yo pat konnen plan nouvel jeneration sa a

Frantz Michel - October 30 2011, 9:51 AM

Hi Mr president martelly TET KALE congratulation
Wyclef jean great job real revolutionary in mission
Michael jean great fighter against corruption
I bit you haiti will change with this generation
The next five years with the TET KALE government
Big progress will take place plus security 100 percent
We the haitian generation went vote for unity lavalas no more
We will follow president Martelly foot step to stop corruption
Greed evil fake leaders using us the haitian people for decade
We had annorth I mean it aristide you give us preval an alcohol addict who don't give a shit about us the haitian people cause he's an alcoholic so how can we trust you now Mr aristide I am sure you let Haiti down with that choice cause you guys just greedy for power but what about us the haitian people who been suffer for century therefore we are awakening now we went vote for you no more where ever lavalas unity blah blah cause these party cause a lot of death kidnapping corruption etc we gad annorth
Stand up behind one progress Haiti the TET KALE that set
May Jah bless you Mr president martelly
One love wyclef jean bless

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