IfTET KALE already free education what about that

Frantz Michel - October 30 2011, 10:21 AM

Haiti finally elected is first president after decade
Big progress already took place so imagine the next 5 years
I bit you martelly will b president for life cause the new generation trust him they will support him and do what ever he said 100 percent cause he's behavior already proved to us the haitian new generation he's the one we been waiting for to lead our country Mr martelly is a very great man with a massive dreams to take our country Haiti to the next level he said it himself more the one more then choice wish is that what he keep saying all the time /Haiti is open for business /wish is mean security job creation hotel factory investment etc and he mean it there he's restoring the disbanded army back to life to make sure the country is save so investors went be scared anymore to invest money in haiti tourist went b scared no more about may getting killed are kidnapped in Haitian sol cause if you looking at the internet they said don't go Haiti at least if u are really has to go so this new government will do what ever is take to change the country image in the international cause Haiti will have real leaders representing our images for good to tell them they are welcome to Haiti what about that
May God bless you Mr TET KALE & wyclef jean

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