Firs do not call me Agent, X,Y or Z they are as crazy as you...

We The Haitian People - November 2 2011, 2:28 PM

Firs do not call me Agent, X,Y or Z they are as crazy as you are and you sound like one of them.
There is something strange about the "moune nan mauvaise vie" communauty, they have a fixation with fecal matters and worship it like you who confuse your image with it in the fecal mirror you described.

That is why most of you always keep an open roll of bathroom toilet papers on your desk, living room where people could see it. Some of you are using the rainbow disguised in various shades to identify yourself The way you crafted your reply gave you away again as "moune de mauvaise vie aka madivinaise.

Try to cure your mental problem.

you and Martelly are not going to impose this life style in Haitias a part of moune ak vice solidarity network because you will be facing an army of makandals ready to put you out of your misery like flies on DDT.

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