Senate is sceduled to certify M.J. Martelly as a master liar on 11-05-2011

Agent-x - November 4 2011, 5:58 PM

The Haitian Senate is scheduled to certify Michel Joseph Martelly as a master brazen pathological liar; the Senate will certify him also the same moment as the lowest of the lowly effeminate coward and kidnapper on 11-05-2011.

Stay tune with Agent-X during the unfolding events in Haiti starting 10:00 A.M. standard Port-au-Prince Time on 5 November 2011.

The latest news is: Prosper Avril sends a note to certain radio stations in Haiti to contradict the rumors that he escaped from Haitian prison.

Haitian nurses that saw Martelly yesterday at the airport claims that his unusual calm behavior may be due to the powerful sedation he has been taking after the surgery.

The said that to wait after three weeks to see how he will behave.

Agent-X does not think the sparrow-wacko had a surgery.

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