Fanatik madan manigat ap krie paskel pa president

Tank - November 4 2011, 9:18 PM

Agentx pran mouchoua siye dlo nan je ou resigne ou cherche on dishwasher paske ou te si telman confident madan manigat tap president ou kite job ou miami oual haiti deyer job nanmin madan manigat chache yon dishwasher agentx paske madan manigat pat president epi li pap janm presidan paske lap pisse epi lap pete sou chaise palais li finn granmoune se pou lal bouer te

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Agent-x says...

For your disappointment, I am deeply sorry to inform you that Agent-X does not look for jobs and never been the lackey of any government and never will be. Most the old timers on this blog will stab their own family to get a job in Haiti. Let me rei more »

Agent-x says...

you confused Agent-X with a fellow who used to call himself The Dark Knights and his slogan used to be: The Great King is Coming Posted. check one of his post that is dated on 3/15/11 on Preval blog. more »

Richelle says...

Good job!he's an imbecile even if mannigat was elected she would not give that idiot a job,as a result of his lack of education. On the contrary,his retarded brain tell him,he is well qulified by writing bunch of bias on martelly's blog.First of al more »