I do agree with you that confrontation is and will not be an...

Toulimen Legrand - November 5 2011, 12:27 PM

I do agree with you that confrontation is and will not be an answer for Haiti.

Martelly needs to design an agricultural plan to help 70% of Haitian peasants farm their lands again.

The excedent of our agricultural products could be exported if need be for some extra cash. Should we modernize our agricultural means of production to address poverty question in this country, the answer is yes. We can do it and many European countries that love good products are ready to help. One question that one must ask is this: Is Haiti an independent country when we know 70% of its budget come from the U.S. Protectorate Plan over Haiti?

Economically, are we independent to decide for ourselves?

Our conservative elites in Haiti do not want a strong taxation system to do so because the Protectorate money is easy money for them. Why collecting taxes when our protector can supply us that revenue?

Can we be ourselves again without confrontation?

May be, but in the eyes of an empire, it is and will not be an easy choice to make.

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