That was the basis of my argument. There will be conflicts...

Bernadette - November 5 2011, 2:28 PM

That was the basis of my argument.

There will be conflicts internally and externally about our agricultural development.

It was why I said that we must grow produce that has a door opener meaning that if there is a shortage some place else, mainly first world countries and demands are high outside of country, this is where we should push for that particular produce.

Of course, we can or Martelly can help find a cutting edge farming design for Haiti.

The point is WHO is going to pay for it?

for how long?

and why should this Country help us?

Farming is on the top list of big fish to fry politically around the world and the market is very much inter-related.

USA has already cornered us. It would be very hard to do serious export with other countries without the consent of America.

NAFTA did not workout for Mexico, did you think it was by accident?

While the northern neighbor, Canada is doing good business with USA...

Internal conflict is another issue related to Haitian farming as the middlemen exporters historically exploited the Haitian farmers.

They will not give up easily.

We stand a much better chance of success if we start gradually with our own local produce for our own consumption.

Remember, rice is already a very politicized item. I believe we should start with fruits that have some measure of success already like mangoes; Coffee is high on the demand list, we should put our foot on this door and don't let go because Haitian coffee is a very good product, there is a shortage worldwide and demands are high. We will have less resistance from others' stopping us from growing coffee.

Corn is big business in America too, remember, cereal is high consumption worldwide and is a staple for people all over Latin America and the Caribbeans.

The question is How much can we produce of our own without offending America's purse?

Well, I mentioned the cacao and correct me if I am wrong.

Do you remember the ladies, the ti-marchand who at end of day smoked cacao in their pipes?

I believe this is a derivative of Cocaine.

Well, if we can beat them one way, we can beat them another way....

Cacao can be produced on a different echelon and scale don't you think?

I would suggest this product only for EXPORTATION.

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