Look at Tanzania with the leadership of the eldest leader...

Toulimen Legrand - November 5 2011, 5:26 PM

Look at Tanzania with the leadership of the eldest leader Robert Mugabe.

They reject international aid and they focus on agriculture and education to solve their internal problems.

They develop their own economic resources for themselves by following Castro's leadership and good governance model.

Tanzanians all around the world return to Tanzania to support Mugabe and the country works.

Haiti should restructure its system by collecting taxes to create jobs and provide more services to others.

We can reject the U.S. aid aiming at creating more poverty and dependency in Haiti.

We need to create a good customs house in Haiti like the IRS here. We can do all that and we have money in Haiti to do so. Haiti's problem is very complicated with those US factories by the Dominican border with Haiti to feed us with those conventional foods.

Dominican Republic is an accomplice in the silent genocide of Haiti along with the U.S. We should step up if we want to save Haiti before it is too late.

As you said and I fully agree that we should focus on growing our national crops such as rice, corn, coffee, cacao, mangos, avocados and many more to name a few. We can be respected again, but we must be ourselves.

As you said, we just need to do what is good for Haiti without confronting the Empire.

Good governance in Haiti will reduce or eliminate dependency and we can be respected again.

Haiti should focus on feeding and educating its citizens before exporting goods overseas.

We, Haitians, must love and admire Haiti so we can be respected again.

Good job Bernadette!

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