Richelle, I did not discuss the $1 withdrawal from my postings...

Toulimen Legrand - November 5 2011, 11:40 PM

Richelle, I did not discuss the $1 withdrawal from my postings in the past two weeks at all, and I believe that I discussed that point in the first two weeks of Martelly's inauguration.

That idea to make the Diaspora pay for Haiti's children came from Brandt, Mevz, Saliba, Castera, Brown, Beaussan to name a few. The Bourdon Group had imposed that on his shoulders because he did not really have a good education plan in mind. He should have claimed 20 percent over the fees charged for those transfers instead of putting that on the Diaspora's back. Transfer fees are easy money to make and we should eradicate this type of dependency toward us. If we don't stop sending money in Haiti, those lazy bastard businessmen will never create jobs for Haitians.

That is slavery and they sold us to the white men in America to enrich themselves in Haiti.

Haitians should break this cycle if they want Haiti to be free. Haitian businesss men are greedy and they don't want to create jobs for Haitians.

Guess, if America's business people didn't want to create jobs for Americans, the latter would be all over the world.

America has less than 1% of whites overseas and 99% of Americans are living in America.

I am not proud of our legacy because 50% of Haitians are living overseas to enrich those lazy monsters in Haiti.

Our ancestors were sold to the colonizers and now they sell us back to those same colonizers.

What a shame Richelle!

We must dismantle the Haitian's partriarchal system to bring sanity and decency to those female Haitian prostitutes.

They have no choice Richelle.

This bourgeoisie puts them through that. Richelle, Haitian women are sweet, but they are marginalized by Haitian men. I don't feel proud of such a legacy.

Haitian males put them through it. The Batistas in Cuba did that to Cuban women and Castro had changed that when he overthrew that regime.

Cuban females were prostitutes before the Cuban Revolution and after that Castro puts all of them in school and the dynamic change.

Richelle, don't blame Haitian women.

Please have pity on them. I am begging you, Haitian males are the ones to blame.

They will never want a person like me in power, for I will change for real Haitian conditions.

As a humanistic person, I will bring equality to all. The rich and the poor will have a new social contract pact and things will change for real. Don't expect more changes with Martelly.

His hands are tied with that Haitian bourgeoisie that puts him in power.

He has to protect their wealth and make them become more wealthy.

He has to bring the army back to protect their wealth and relieve MINUSTAH from this burden.

We got diseases at the mercy of the rich and our sovereignty is lost because we have foreign forces on our soil. Haitian rich and some dark skinned leaders tarnish the reputation of Haiti.

I am tired with Haitian politics.

Richelle, you are worth ten millions dollars if Haiti had chosen to develop Haiti's economic resources.

We are from a rich country and the richest one in the Caribbean Region in terms of economic resources.

Haiti is sitting over hidden wealth and the Haitian Oligarchy refuses to develop the wealth to take care of all Haitians.

Take care Richelle! Keep up with the good work! Bye...

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Toulimen,I don't realy have a problem with the idea...


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