Martelly and Duvalier are not biracial people, but the elites...

Toulimen Legrand - November 5 2011, 11:57 PM

Martelly and Duvalier are not biracial people, but the elites want them to believe that they are mulattos where they are not. I don't believe in color line to develop Haiti.

Only rich educated Haitians should be president whether they are dark skinned or light skinned Haitians.

Look at what's happening in South Africa with poor black president and leaders after Mandella.

They are defending their interests and money where South Africans are very far to reach racial equality in terms of wealth and social justice within the boundaries of South Africa.

Poor in any country should not be president at all. What makes America a great country is the fact that they only allow educated and successive business leaders like Obama to be in power.

Obama came from the poor, but he was a wealthy corporate lawyer before he became president of America.

Only educated and rich people should be president in Haiti if we want to raise the bar. In the next 50 years, I heard that Haiti would be managed by rich business leaders after Martelly's term. It could be better and let's hope. Rich educated dark skinned and light skinned Haitians like Castera, Saliba, Brown, Beaussan, Baker, Mevz, Leslie Voltaire and others should manage Haiti in the next 50 years and perhaps it could be better.

I don't want them to hide themselves and let those poor dark skinned blacks tarnish the reputation of Haiti.

I want those biracial CEOs within all Haiti's public institutions to stop stealing.

Let's hope Haitian public CEOs will give Haiti a chance to develop.

Take care!

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Toulimen,unfortunatelly I don't believe biracial...


To honorable president martelly

Hey you dummy go learn about world history do you know how many country will colonise if it wasnot for the haitans...

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