I visit this blog so often

Tank - November 6 2011, 11:55 AM

Cassandra I have a good spot for you on alligator alley but before you to see me make sure you change that panty you got on for three weeks

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Neg Lakay says...

KK-Sandra, I have few words for you: NIGHT SCHOOL. Maybe then you might understand the responsibility of a country's good governance. I am assuming you have a learning capability. Good luck. more »

Ducarmel Bellevue says...

Notre president a demonter aux yeux de tous qu'il est l'homme dont Haiti a besoin pour nous conduire au bon port. Jusqu'a cette presente minute il fait le bon jeu. Vive Notre Michel Martelly et Vive : MOUVEMENT d'APPUI MICHEL MARTELLY (MAMM). more »