The hyperlinks were inadvertently omitted so I am resubmitting...

Agent-x - November 7 2011, 4:10 AM

The hyperlinks were inadvertently omitted so I am resubmitting the message in its complete form. Take your time to re read it.
Let me know when and where to apply for the dishwasher job at Martelly home. You know what we need. I congratulated to you Mr. Alexandre.

We have able men and women on standby willing to take this dishwasher job at moment notice for free. Martelly does not have to pay them. All of them are good looking, gorgeous like the Duvalierists**[refers to links # 1 below] but all the men have the same name which is Fran

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I am sorry to hear that you were at a buffet with the...


Agentx you need to leave martelly blog now

Then I call my friend at the buffet and tell him I am sorry about that I am just try to help the bastard to have a...

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