Dambala,Nostradamus and Revelation predicted Martelly won't have a Military

Agent-x - November 12 2011, 9:00 AM

Haiti Vitamin-News 11-12-2011
◙ Seattle-pi-com ▬ 9 Nov 2011►Haiti-pro-army-group-frustrated-with-president-♦As you could see in the picture the pink militia get training with imaginary slingshot aka fistibal.

Haiti has a weapons embargo meaning Haiti cannot buy firearms, military airplanes, warships, military tanks, artilleries, etc. Martelly is entertaining the thought of opening a slingshot factory in Haiti under the pretext for hunting.

DuPont investors questioned Martelly about the kind of preys he has on mind since Haiti has no forest, almost no tree which cause the birds to immigrate to Dominican Republic and elsewhere in the Caribbean.

When pressed for an answer, Martelly prevaricates about why Haiti needs a slingshot factory.

Thus, they will have an embargo on rubber material to Haiti.

Nevertheless, Agent-X notified the Audubon Society regarding the endanger species of birds in Haiti and urge the Audubon Society to apply pressure to DuPont to ban any shipment of rubber to Haiti that will be used as slingshot or fistibal.

Martelly has a plan B to circumvent the rubber embargo by having his thugs to steal car tires at night to use the rubber to fabricate sling shot for his militia and he will accuse the imaginary chimeres for slashing

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