Helicopter With Haiti Prime Minister Makes Emergency Landing

Agent-x - November 13 2011, 9:22 AM

Agent-x Says...

It does not make any difference as to which mode of transportation one chose.

Donkeys, horse, mule, Bicycle, motorcycle, automobile, boat, aircraft all are equally dangerous under perfunctory conditions.

It was not an accident.

Carelessness was the cause of the crash.

There is no such thing as accident.

Crash and collision are always the result of human error.

Now my questions are:

1-Why MINUSTAH or the Haitian Government did not install sensors to alert all the helicopters pilots and other aircraft pilots?

2-Why three important Government ministers were in the same aircraft?

That was a serious lack of judgement.

They should have been traveling separately just in case of a crash.

Martelly should ponder and take this incident as a serious lesson.

The next time he will be traveling he should not put all of his eggs in the same basket since Haiti has a foreign De facto shadow government but not a Haitian De facto shadow government.

So next time Martelly will travel by Air he should divide the staff into seven or eight different groups.

This is a case in point for Martelly to use regular aircraft not the private one unless he has an obscure reason for the moment.

The topic is: Helicopter With Haiti Prime Minister Makes Emergency Landing

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