Most likely places on earth for Alien Abduction

Agent-x - November 17 2011, 3:17 AM

Some UFOlogists and life insurance companies agreed that the most likely places on earth for Alien Abduction are the Bermuda triangle, Area 53, the airport in P-au-P, and the Palais National in Haiti where some people check in but did not check out.
The Alien Abduction or kidnapping of Haitian Deputy Arnel Belizaire in Haiti is a vivid example of this in recent memory.

People who live on earth always said that they have nothing to do near and far with those disappearances.

Therefore we must blame the M, M, M meaning the Martians as the scapegoat by default for those anomalies.

Now we must assume that some M, M, M are living among us. So we must assume also that anything that start with a letter M might be a Martian.

So, visitors that hold life insurance policy who successfully visited any of those location, will have their GPS relaying this info to the life insurance company which in turn will have the option to void the life insurances or to triple the fees immediately.

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