I Just Returned from Haiti 2 Weeks ago and Things.....

Tiba - November 17 2011, 4:28 PM

"Je we bouch pe!"
I just got back from Haiti Thomas 2 weeks ago from a 2-week vacation and there is no word to discribe what I saw. I have finally arrived to the conclusion that "Haiti is no doubt DOOMED to hell."

After being in office for 6 months, Martelly has shown to the world that he is definitely the continuation of the "Incompetence & Mediocrity" in Haiti.

The International Airport Toussaint Louverture in Port-au-Prince represents Haitian disgrace to all black people in the world.

I am confident to say that Haiti is THE only country with this thown down, dirty, and disgrace airport.

If anyone of you cares to know, today, there are 3 dominant industries in Haiti which are: 3) churches; 2) schools and schools, and more schools, but 75% of those schools are illegal, meaning they are not accredited.

They are not registered with the Department of Education, the government does not know those schools exist.

Furthermore, many of those schools are operating under the accedition of other schools.

The number 1 industry in Haiti is "Begging." It seems to me that those who go to school hope to go begging when they graduate because the government has just made begging a career for all Haitians.

After all, the government is the #1 beggar in Haiti.

The citizens are just looking up to their number 1 role model, the government.

The white people in Haiti are the only ones who got it made. They're the ones running all of the NGOs in Haiti, and therefore hiring ONLY whites and foreigners for all the positions, the high paying position jobs while they hired the locals to wash their SUVs, clean up their rooms/homes where they live, laying on every beach/taning.

They are living the life of kings and queens in Haiti while the entire population is begging to feed themselves.

Martelly and all of his cronies don't seem to care one bit about the country and more less about the Haitian people.

He's been only talking since he became president and made not one act. A president governs through actions and not by blowing hot air.

I was so disgusted by what I saw that I got this close to vomit because I was so sick to my stomach.

Haiti is doomed to never amount to anything due to the incompetence and mediocrity of those in charge.

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Montresor 2011 says...

Tiba, Woohoo, Persistence with patience Driven through wisdom will pay off when you believe, all good things are possible! Be encouraged, politics! You now got it "After all, the government is the #1 beggar in Haiti." You now got it "He more »

Tiba says...

Montresor, Only people like you who would really accept "having a prime minister in place" to be the greatest accomplishment of this government." Well, Montresor, I got news for you. Having a prime minister in place after 5 months in power d more »