Is my new President a Super Idiot?

Pierre A. D - November 20 2011, 12:41 AM

This guy seems to be a freak and an a super idiot.

I have tried my best to give Mr. Martelly the benefit of the doubt thinking that he was different than all the other thugs and parasites who have been sucking our resources for ages, and apparently he seems to enjoy the company of a bunch of thieves and uneducated pariahs from the diaspora.

It is really sad and unrealistic to see how our country is still plunging in the abyss of despair and unfulfilled promises.

Is there anyone competent enough to bring that country to a sense of normalcy and on the path of civilization?

I've been told by many that I am wasting my time by even thinking about my beloved country.

I am still hoping that some day there will be some real changes in the life of our suffered, tormented and resilient people.

Good luck and best wishes Mr. President !

Pierre D.
Former U.S. Army soldier,
Candidate of a Joint Master in Public Administration & Criminal Justice at Suffolk University, Boston, MA

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