The things I want change?

Jean Roody Fleuranvil - November 22 2011, 12:34 AM

To start let me say that I support the new government and the president of the country, once more I am ever so proud to be Haitian.

Every time I fly into Haiti it sadden me to see how dirty the airport area is. If it is to be considered our living room, the first place our guests see as they come to our home (country), then it need a major face lift.
Second: I want to see corruption in the public sector shrink to zero, I mean ZERO tolerance for corruption no matter who's doing it.
I want to see the country start making revenue, I want to see fair taxes imposed to the channels that we are able to tax. By that I mean if I bring something into the country, let's a car, I need a fair tax impose on it. To be fair it needs to be based on the rate system no greater then 10%.

It's one way to rid of corruption is for me to know the tax rate. Know what a certain merchandise will cost to get out of custom will give me incentives to bring more things in and not be let at the mercy of the thieves at custom.

In that sector alone we can see revenue rise to a healthy level.

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