The Haitian Army BEst interest for Haitni

Rev. Dr. Rivel Dumaine - November 23 2011, 4:09 PM

After the army was over taken by President Aristide about seventeen years ago, so the institution with fixed assets about $70000000000.00 was disappeared without any trace.

Many believe that is the threshold on the upcoming billionaire of the ex-President.

However, President Aristide could dismantle the army without backside the institution fund and monetary system.

President Martelly is considered an icon for the Haitian people and others in the world, and he is a type of the heroes of the independence of this great nation.

He leads by example and serve with a true heart for the nation, people, and the state.

According to many sources, one Minustah gets paid about $ 41 billion per year in Haiti.

Experts believe this $41 billion dollars could pay the Haitian army for ten/10 years of services.

Let be wise. Which one is In Haiti

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