Oh Lord! This is the problem with Haitians. Either they just...

Tiba - November 26 2011, 7:20 PM

Oh Lord!

This is the problem with Haitians.

Either they just cannot read, or they have no French/English comprehension whatsoever, or they just plain dumb and stupid, and I am sick of it.

Where does it say anywhere in these messages na d articles that I or anyone else is asking for Martelly to leave office?

I am NOT a journalist nor a news reporter.

I did not right the article.

I got the article from www.sakapfet.com and I posted it on the blog so everyone can read it.

The "article" in question is about a those people in Gonaives who gave 72 hours to Martelly to get things right or they are going to protest to have him keep his campaign promises.

In my message to Martelly, I told him that the Haitian people is not going to wait on him forever to make up his mind and start making good to his responsibilities to the people.

I did not call for his resignation.

Most of you claimed to be scholars, and yet, you don't seem able to read nor understand French/English.

Stop making a ass of yourselves people.

Try to understand the content of a post/message/article before you start talking.

Protest doesn't always mean people are demanding the government to step down from office.

The Haitian people are fed up and they are angry with Martelly's passive-aggressive governance approach.

After 6 months in office, the people want Martelly to act and move things along because they are running out of time.

This is politics and NOT a Sunday picnic.

One week is a very longtime in politics let alone 6 months.


The volcano is about to erupt in Haiti !

If after six months people want president Martelly to leave the office I said is because the Haitians people do not...

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