Now I am convinced that you are Mary Joseph and also signed as...

Agent-x - November 28 2011, 8:31 PM

Now I am convinced that you are Mary Joseph and also signed as Agent-X. The mere fact that you are here on this blog where most of us are still struggling with the English language indicate that you cannot measure up with the main stream American blog sites.

You are an outcast and a reject from your ethnic group and community.

As an American born, you malevolent use of words and their misuses show that you are a vicious trash and not too brilliant.

No wonder why your community rejected you and you are compelled you to seek refuge in the Haitian community in every sense of the word for solace.

You dissimulation of threats will not faze me they are brutum fulmen.

I will no longer answer to your diatribes Mr. Outcast and garbage.

From now on I will ignore your comments until you convince yourself that I mean business.

Fallen Angel, Keep drinking your cheap wine on Sunset Boulevard until one of your winos peers will put you out of your misery.

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