Agent-X: One more for the road. Are you trying to convince...

Brian Andrew - November 29 2011, 12:44 AM

Agent-X: One more for the road. Are you trying to convince yourself or others?

In both cases you are doing a miserable job.
Go pray to your God that Mr. Martelly will not press charges against you for Terrorism.

What you are doing could be classified as a Terrorist Act. Therefore, not only Haiti would get involve but also the International Community at large.

Think very hard about this one before you continue your harassing and character assassination of the Haitian President.

Your threat to him every single day is getting tiresome.

It is time that this matter gets some serious attention.

Will not write to you anymore.

I have been too kind to you. Good luck, you may need it.

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Now I am convinced that you are Mary Joseph and also...



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