Haitian Vitamin-News 29 Novembet 2011-Part-A

Agent-y - November 29 2011, 4:00 AM

☺☻The BID & CRH people are sending their foot soldiers in Haiti this 29 November 2011 under the umbrella of investors.

The Haitian private sector was invited but not associated with those activities with denotes a contempt for Haitian people.

Since Haiti does not have a good security system to protect those so called investors, Washington will provide it with its genocidal drones and marines there.

This start as a highly promising project may end up as the biggest deception and ecological disaster in the country.

Past experiences already prove it.☺☻

◙ Miamiherald-com ▬ 28 November 2011►Hundreds of investors in Haiti for two-day forum.

Haiti kicked off a two-day investment forum Monday with the inauguration of a major road, a new industrial park and announcement by hotel chain Marriott that it is coming to the country.


◙ annexation-ca This is a military psychological warfare going on to ursurp the land of other nation- This division does not use the bible as a rationale.Cuba, Haiti, and Guyana
◙ Boston-com ▬ 28 November 2011► South Korean firm moves to build plant in Haiti.


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