Michelle Benett, the mother of Francois Nicolas Duvalier II...

Joubert Fontus - December 3 2011, 11:31 PM

Michelle Benett, the mother of Francois Nicolas Duvalier II should return the stolen money from the Haitian's treasury for Haitians to vote for her son. He cannot be president of Haiti ok and if the elites want to return the former regime into power, that will be a second revolution and the elites of Haiti will disappear.

We all know how they got Martelly elected, but this time that will not be same for Duvalier II. He is gaining political's experience into Martelly's cabinet to protect his dad and mother, but that will not make him become the next president of Haiti.

The Duvaliers can help in other areas and not in the political power as president ok. We will forgive, but will not forget.

We are not dog's vomit ok. Remember, how Boyer bankrupted Haiti.

He was parachuted into power by the French and now they want to do the same with Nicolas Duvalier II to bankrupt this nation again, that will not occur again Marjory.

He will get the same treatment that Roger Lafontant got ok. The CIA had told me, Duvalier's dream to bring his son into power would come to an end soon. Don't let anyone fooled you ok Marjory.

Take care!

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