Bioscientists Should Be The Target For Modifying People's DNA

Joubert Fontus - December 4 2011, 5:41 PM

The cost of modifying people's RNA and DNA is painful to society.

It is time for scientists to stop modifying people's DNA and RNA because this process does not really reduce the world population at all. Homosexuals are confused people because of this change in their DNA at birth.

Scientists should stop transferring male traits to female and vice versa because that does not perfect the human population at all. White bioscientists are evil and they are the charognards of humanity because they put disease genes into people to make them suffer terribly.

We should collectively pray so those charognards can be all gone if we want to have a world free of diseases and modified people.

Under the silence of the churches, temples and synagogues they will do more harms to human beings.

Dear God, please stop those evils because they are dehumanizing people.

Make them suffer terribly now, later and in the world to come because bioscientists are evils...

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