Eugene: W O W!! Are you writing these things for effect or do...

Marjorie Middy - December 4 2011, 8:28 PM

Eugene: W O W!! Are you writing these things for effect or do you really believe them?

I don't want the former repressive regimes to be back in power any more than you do. But what you and I want and what the People decide to do are two different things.

Unless you have tons of money and infinite amount of time to educate everybody on the importance of good governance, the role of a responsible citizens, ethics and civic duties and the consequences thereof, I am afraid you may be in for some serious disappointments.

Crooks in past Haitian administrations knew exactly how to manipulate the public, in fact they preyed on their ignorance to gain their seats.

You too by implication, do want to keep status quo. Wanting people in office because of their socioeconomic standing, skin color, gender and or ethnicity is DEADLY menacing.

However, EDUCATION and EXPERIENCE should be definite assets when shopping for an administration, that is if we are SERIOUS about our Country.

Selecting instead of electing our presidents should be put to rest forever.

Just because Haiti historically has or had a turbulent past or present with mixed-blood (Mulattoes) Haitians does not necessarily mean the trend should, could or would continue.

We should make a herculean effort to eradicate this issue.

Besides the Mulattoes had a leg up only because some of them were sent to school in France and owned land. Francois Duvalier, crazy as he was, did help a lot in balancing the equation swayed more toward the dark skinned Haitians.

Right after the Haitian Revolution (1804) the number of dark skinned owning land and ex-slaves was as high as was the Mulattoes.

The economic disparity historically was not so much in percentage of upper class membership but more in the sheer volume of the dark skinned population.

It appears tilted because of the higher percentage of dark skinned freed Haitians as opposed to the percentage of freed Mulattoes.

Throughout Haitian History -- After the Revolution -- There was ALWAYS an upper class dark skinned Haitians.

But we Haitians would like to pretend otherwise because of our colonized mentality of which we are not freed yet; And of course politicians who LOVE piggy backing on this ideology.

Other countries do have skin-color problems, but there is no place in the world have I seen such true barriers among people who supposedly fought together to keep a common Land. We MUST form a united front as to not repeat our past mistakes and above all we MUST educate our poorer citizens because they are the backbone of Haiti; Without them we are going nowhere anytime soon. Besides, if they are 90% of the Country, Why should not they enjoy the privilege seat?

Eugene, I am for a BETTER Haiti, Are you seriously for a BETTER Haiti?

If you happened to be a mixed-blood, I mean no disrespect either.

We both can enjoy Haiti peacefully.

You know, today's Mulattoes are different than their grand-parents.

They are even a different breed.

They learned fairness, consequences of racial issues, integrity in one's Country.

Most of them have let go of old prejudices because they have suffered quite an ordeal on foreign soil...have mastered the consequences of social injustice.

All of us pay the price when we don't cooperate with one another.

The question is who will be the next best man or woman to lead Haiti in terms of qualification and leadership skills regardless of social standing, gender or skin color point final.

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