Reduction of Haitian Emassies' Employees to Secure The Existence of Haiti

Toulimen Legrand - December 9 2011, 10:11 PM

It is time for the Haitian government to understand the heavy price of those Haitian Embassies overseas on the Haitian budget.

Those retired parasites who are sitting in those embassies don't really serve Haitian interests.

They agree with any political, economic and judicial decisions taken against Haitians overseas.

Those lackeys need to be laid off from the government budget to find money to finance a new Haitian force to free Haiti from those foreign military powers on our soil.

Haiti needs only five regional embassies with 5 plenipotentiary embassadors.

Use 1800 number system and the Internet to proceed to downsize those embassies Martelly.

Bring the passport service back in Haiti under the Haitian government control like Canada and U.S. have done since 1990. Please downsize as quickly as possible because those retired employees don't really serve Haitians' interests overseas.

Downsize and save the state of Haiti money.

Do it quick ok!

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