Nostradamus & Apocalypses predicted Martelly will be converted to lavalas

Agent-x - December 10 2011, 1:29 AM

Michel Martelly will have to do his mea culpa to the Haitian people about the Arnel Bellizaire incident before January 2012 to escape impeachment.

1- Michel Martelly must have a live televised appearance with a constellation of real journalists, not his cronies journalists, ready to question him about the nature and direction of his government including his position on free press, human rights and the judgment of baby duck and the tontons and matante macoutes.

2-Michel Martelly must tell the Haitian people that he was the intellectual author of the Arnel Bellizaire arrest and effectively he has taking full responsibility for the current and future implications of his ignoble action.

3-Michel Martelly must apologizes in unambiguous terms to Arnel Belizaire and to the Haitian people for his disgraceful action while shading and avalanche of tears that will become real lavalass.

4-Michel Martelly must agree to show transparency in the public affairs as well as on his intercontinental missile--ICBM that is already become public knowledge during carnivals on Eastern Parkway and during his numerous parties.

This means also that he should refrain himself from hiring his family members, his friends and their mistresses without qualification to public posts.

Thus, Martelly should renounce to nepotism, fatism, favoritism, "Moune-pa-nism" "Sou-Sou-tism".


He must agree to embark himself on the road of verifiable impartiality without delay.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Agent-x, I will call Dr.Singh Monday to change your medication. That drug is not well balance for your system, its effect caused you to hallucinate,at his lower peak causing bad dreams. Why don't you try traditional medicine? more »

Agent-x says...

Alexandre based on your inability to comprehend modicum rules of decency in the civilized world. This makes you the prototype of antisocial and sociopath that ever existed on the universe. Considering that your four letters words vocabulary is li more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Agent-x,are you sure the world is a civilize one? This is your second chance to swallow that word "civilize". Are you sure? Really Agent-x,you are the slave of the so-called civilize world and you don't even have the slit idea about it. Well,i more »