New World Order: Illumintati, CIA, FBI, Freemasonry and Roman Club

Toulimen Legrand - December 10 2011, 11:21 AM

They have an agenda to colonize the whole world through spying agencies, NGOs, Red Cross, Lodges, Bioscientists, Churches, Temples, Police, Armies, Terrorism and Illegal Drug Trafficking.

The day one can understand those political and economic hidden forces that keep turning the political wheel of the world, the better decision one can take to save his or her country within the international community.

Those forces are responsible for political divisions in the third world countries like Haiti.

As Mr Pierre Leger calls it, they are the charognards of humanity and Hitler would say if he was alive they are the vermines of the world.

I am not a fan of Hitler, but understanding the power of those hidden forces with their political agendas aiming at dehumanizing people through diseases and body modification, one can easily state that they are the vermines of the world.

Under Hitler's regime, they were Bioscientist Jews, but today they are from all countries and not only the Askenazi's Jews. We should unite ourselves to save Haiti.

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Brian Andrew says...

Toulimen, The Illumintati is a secret society but it is not a new world order looking for world domination like others like Freemasons and the Rosa christianers? or whatever. The purpose of the Illumintati being true is to correct the wrongs back int more »

Tania says...

Toulimen don't let this guy fool you the illiminati control war,monies in the US. Look at the dollar bill and you will see their symbol and their allegiance to religion that say in God we..... more »

Brian Andrew says...

Tania aka Agent-X, you are wrong. Illumintati and the rest of secret societies are not the same. They are all secret yes but they have different agendas and Illumintati is basically religion. They are one of the good guys trying to make amends for wr more »