Toulimen, The last time I have checked, La Navase belongs to...

Marjorie Middy - December 10 2011, 8:41 PM

Toulimen, The last time I have checked, La Navase belongs to Haiti with some legal dispute with the US. There was nothing conclusive that the Island belongs to the US. The last time I have checked was exactly last Winter...

You have missed the point.

If the Island was habitable, would not you think, it would make perfect sense for the Dominicans with Haitian descent to start all over it an island of their own?

An Island where they can develop it themselves.

Nowhere, it was suggested that those Haitians should be treated as prisoners.

They did nothing wrong, why should they be punished?

The point was more poetic justice than anything else.
On what grounds that the US took over La Navase from Aristide?

The Island was rightfully Haiti's.

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