Agent-x, can you explain the habits of buying food from DR? I...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - December 12 2011, 2:16 PM

Agent-x, can you explain the habits of buying food from DR?

I wonder, if i touch your soft spot by saying Haitians are lazy to farm the lands?

The last time i travel, i even see imported limes, plantains,beans, hot peppers, cassavas,eggs, sugar and more simple stuffs flooded the markets, in Croix-Des-bouquets depots just from DR ready for distributions elsewhere because their trailers don't want to waste time with heavy traffic around the Capital and other places and they are very busy to rush back, same routine days and nights for years.

Also, if one of those tractor trailers kill or have an accident with another vehicules"They will not stop in the scene even if someone dies".

Agent-x, can you tell me your IQ's?

Can you Google the entire Island Haiti/DR, and i want you to tell the truth.

Make sure you get the 3D version.You will see how useless you are.

One mistake the Dominicans made. Start clearing their forest to farm for Haitians in the name of cash"They want to suck Haitians dry".

They even cutting the forest to make chacoal for Haitians in the name of cash.
I will say it again.

Haitians are lazy to farm.

More comments:

In Canada i saw them in farms working to pick onions and carbages, lettuces"men and women".

In the USA forget it, they are in competitions with the Mexicans heads to toes.
Things they would not at home"Haiti".

Animal Agent-x, I am in agriculture very strong, remotely in control.This is beside by lovely profession in Aerospace industries.

You are the man with the big brain, Animal.

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To the specimen Alexandre on this blog with the IQ...


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