agriculture need to develop urgently in haiti by the government of hait

Ismi Estasant - December 12 2011, 4:22 PM

I want the government to take on the agriculture it self put people to work and sell food to haitians and else where just a couple days ago i was in haiti, i saw that the beautifull country is sinking, if the government is waiting agronomes to open up school of agronomy it is simply a bad idea on his part or your part mr. president get it done now before it is too late, haitians people deserve to be smile like any order human being, through agriculture plenty job will be created and people will not kill one another like it is happen now, and it is the government job to do not the farmers, and i will be glad to help free of any charge, let us do it, it is about time. I love Haiti with passion, those that left their home town flooded port-au-prince let us give them at home so they can have peace with themself.

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