A Message For President Michel Martelly

Ronald Altieri - April 6 2011, 11:03 AM

Dear President Martelly,

Just wanted to share some thoughts that's out there about your presidency.

MICHEL MARTELLY made history by shocking a lot of people to become the newly elected President of Haiti.

Kompa Magazine contacted many members of the HMI and asked the following question

KOMPA MAGAZINE: Your opinion on Michel Martelly becoming the next President of Haiti, and what do you think should be his NUMBER 1 Priority?

We will add the responses that we got from the different people as we go along.


JESSIE: "I think that the people of Haiti made a very good choice by electing Michel Martelly President.

His first priority should be building homes for the people on the streets, and also to create new jobs."

EDDY BRISSEAUX: "He should iniatiate the notion of MILITARY SERVICE for all Haitians between the age of 16 to 50. If someone does not know how to read, in the morning that person should take literacy courses, and in the afternoon, they should be in uniform to help clean the streets or any assigned chore, consistent with HIS or HER ability.

Everyone attending state or private universities are students in the evenings, and military personnel in the mornings in their respective majors.

In the event of an emergency like an earthquake, everyone in the precited age group is in uniform helping.

Naturalized DIASPORA who complete their military service, regain their passport automatically.

DOMINICAIN FE YON KIKI...tout moun se chef and ready."

MIA LOPEZ: "I don't speak politics, but I do speak about my country.

Haiti needs a leader who will guide it, educate it, fight for it, labor for it, and bring forth change in it. My prayer for Haiti has always been to see it revive itself and I hope and pray that this new administration can gather the right people in the right place to be the "IV" that Haiti so desperately needs to survive, because NOW is THE RIGHT TIME."

SASSOUNE: "I wish Michel Martelly the best of luck in his new endeavors.

The country needs a positive change."

PS: CARLO VIEUX does have a bachelors degree in Economics, as well as a masters degree in Political science

CARLO VIEUX: "I think it's great that the elections went well and that the people got the candidate that they voted for. He was the candidate that we supported as well, and we are happy that he won. Now the real deal is about to start.

In terms of priority, I can only offer my opinion, but Mr. Martelly and his cabinet will know what's best since they are down there.

But I will say JOBS JOBS JOBS. By having investors come in, provide jobs, maybe also increasing the minimum wage, that will at least put some out of poverty, provided that cost of goods are maintained at a decent level.

That is another issue in itself.

So it will be complicated, by I do believe by surrounding himself with the right people (Qualified and honest), he will be able to tackle the most important issues in order to start the development process.

Not easy, but not impossible."

RICHARD URBAIN: "It's funny how folks were calling me yesterday saying "Patizan YO BAY MICKY POUVWA" as if to say, the guy had not won. In other words, it would have been justified to steal it from him, only to hand it to someone whom, the people of Haiti obviously had not elected.

His first priority should be aimed at reestablishing a sense of security in the country."

[b]KENNY DESMANGLES: "First and foremost, let me say congratulations to the President elect.

I think he has the heart, the drive, and determination to lead. If he surrounds himself with the right people, things could move in the right direction.

I think the first priority should be trying to build homes for the victims of January 12. They have suffered enough under those tents."

KATALOG: "Sa vle di yon moun nan la vie pa janm sous estime valeur whatever moun li ye an. NEVER SAY NEVER paske anpil moun still poko kwe se Michel ki prezidan peyi a.

PRIORITE Prezidan an se travay pou yon reconciliation nationale, pou tout moun ka mete min pou ede peyi a. Epi moun anba tant yo, konstwi apatman mete yo rapid."


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