I want for all Haitian to Unite

Micheline R. - December 13 2011, 2:43 AM

Dear Mr. President:

It is my opinion that:

Lack of knowledge, breads ignorance.

Ignorance, leads to self hatred.

Self Hatred, produces division.

Division, invites selfishness.

It is at these levels that the world is operating at today.

I believe that when people learn to love themselves, they treat everyone that they come in contact with, as they would want to be treated.

What you don't want for yourself, you don't do to others.

The whole world is suffering from a big disease; and that is the delusion of superiority.

Superiority makes one person think that he is better than another person, and that causes the ignorance that puts our planet in this predicament.

Love is all we need, and love will solve all our problems.Therefore, let us start loving each other and that goodwill we display, will heal our planet--especially, Haiti.

The Haitian people need to be heal from the mental and physical abuses that they have experienced for the past four hundred years.

It is my opinion that if we try teaching our people to first love themselves, they will lean to love others, by establishing a culture of love in the country, everyone will trust each other again and start to make better decision that will be good for us all.

Haitian must learn to embrace and preserve their culture, customs and traditions because it is through a nation`s cultures and traditions that the moral fabric of the country can be sustained.

Thanks for asking our opinion and offering us the opportunity to participate in your effort to improve Haiti.'

Micheline R.

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