Benardette, Haitians don't want to farm their land period...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - December 13 2011, 8:20 AM

Benardette, Haitians don't want to farm their land period.

They find all kind of excuses, tricks to avoid farming the land.
They rather flooded the Capital to stave.

If they were not lazy, they should farm the land and looks for other possibilities to made extra cash.
My parents did it, and i am following their foot steps like a mad man because it works.

Please Benardette, no excuses;Farm lands are plenty in Haiti.

You don't need to own lands, you can lease, you can farm any body's land but you will need to split the harvest half/half.

Again, my parents did it, so do I.
By doing this, you create jobs for the few that want to work the land and you always have constant cash flow.

Benardette, just a few old schools men and women you'll find around to hire.
You will find them"young men" in your field trying to steal bananas, papayas ect..

If you try to hire them, right in your face they will tell you either F you or farm it for yourself, they are too clean to farm.
Benardette, this is no joke.I've found in the worse terrain mountains top in Haiti young men that refuse to help their old parents to farm, according to those kind of parents"they have to feed and put cash into the pockets of those rap dudes, believe it or not those young men have their pans below their buttucks just like those punks"rap dudes"in NY city, Bronx or Brooklyn, Chicago.

In 2004 i went to Burkina Faso, these people farms their lands with their bare hands to produce food, no farm tractors ect.
In Cuba, i never go there.But i have Cubans friends explain to me people survive by farming only.
In DR people farm the lands with their hands, just a few own farm tractors witch they share with eachother.

The vice president of Shell-Caraibbeans, still farming his lands without machineries in Barbados" a very good friend" since he was a little boy with his father.

In Jamaica, people farms like creazy and works any other jobs in the same time.

Here in the USA/Canada too, i know farmers that works in the factories while their land have corns on it ready to harvest, my friend Harry owns more than 2000 acres of corns for ethanol in Delaware and he is working perdue chicken plant near by.
I think i better stop.
Haitians works elsewhere"abroad"because they have to.
The generations that i see in Haiti is doom, unless God did what he did with the jews in the desert by waiting for them to dies before move with the good one in the promess land.


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