Jean-Pierre, I have to jump in this discussion to clarify the...

Toulimen Legrand - December 13 2011, 9:41 AM

Jean-Pierre, I have to jump in this discussion to clarify the issue.

First, I agree with Bernadette that Haitian leaders whether they are economic, political, social and religious leaders are lazy period.

Lazyness puts Haiti into this mess, but Haitian people are not lazy. They want to work to feed their families and they are fighting on a daily basis for this right.

This is very dehumanizing when people who want to work and can work are denying their basic rights to work. I agree with Bernadette that Haitians are lazy because when other people are judging us outside of Haiti they point out Haitians meaning our leaders and not the Haitian people per se. That's what Bernadette wants you to understand Jean. We are judged by our leaders and if they are lazy we are lazy too.

Next, people have no political, economic, religious and social power in Haiti, but our leaders have power.

If they were aimed to bring changes in Haiti, one could see a different Haiti.

We bear the costs of our leaders and we are being judged by their acts. If they are lazy so we are too Jean and there is no exception at all for any particular individual.

For instance, one cannot accuse Americans as lazy people because their leaders are active people and they use the technology at their disposal to create jobs and to empower their people on a daily basis.

95% of Americans have the right to work against the natural rate of poverty of 5% as created by their elites to balance the economy in good times.

When they are recycling their economy, it could slide between 10% to 15% of unemployment rate. Jean, 95% of people have right to work in good economic times, and you cannot label those leaders as lazy people.Therefore, Americans are not lazy, but Haitians are because their leaders maintain a rate of 5% to 15% of people who have right to work against 85% and 90% of people who have no right to work.

Finally, I will conclude to agree with Bernadette that Haitians are lazy period.

If Haitian leaders don't want to be labeled lazy they should create work for Haitians up to 95%.

That's the will of the international community because full employment rate at 100% is unacceptable and it will not balance the economy.

At 100% of employment rate, you will have a stagnant economy with no bubbles ie. pluses and minuses.

If you want to balance it, it should be between 5% to 15% of unemployment rate. Haitians are lazy because their leaders are lazy Jean. Toulimen is lazy because he is being judged by the economic choices of his elites who want to keep an unacceptable unemployment rate of 85% to 90%.

We are all lazy because our elites are lazy....Haitians are lazy Jean period and no more discussion to follow up to this point and there could be no other justification we are bearing the costs of our elites.

We are lazy and we can create 300 jobs without a 4 year college degree to come out of this mess. We are lazy because our elites are the most laziest elites ever...

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