My brother, can you put your anger aside to deal with real...

Joubert - December 14 2011, 6:12 PM

My brother, can you put your anger aside to deal with real Haitian issues.

Aristide was not a politician before he became president.

He was an activist in denouncing social injustices and it turns out that his government violates more people's rights than any of his predecessors.

Leave him alone so he can finally write his memoir.

I want him to acknowledge his failure and his successes while being in power in Haiti.Jean, we don't want those former leaders anymore and their political power is and should be over. Have some respect for them as former presidents ok.

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Agent-x,can you give a list of schools Aristide built...


Duvalier caused agriculture disaster, insecurity & slums in Haiti

♦From 1959 to year 2011 Haitian agriculture deteriorated progressively because Duvalier

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Joubert,you are right and i salute you for that...

ah joubert you are almost right in what you wanted to...

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