Sure, Haiti can be a great country in the future. First of...

Yvrance Unelus - December 16 2011, 6:38 PM

Sure, Haiti can be a great country in the future.

First of all, the leaders have to develop Agriculture and give more attention to the farmers.

Haiti needs a School of Agronomy in each department, North, South, West, and Est. The Agronomists should teach the farmers how to grow their crops and export them everywhere haitian people live, in the USA, in Canada, in France, etc.
They should develop literacy, tourism, build roads, decentralize Port au Prince.

Haiti needs private electric companies for business to open late until PM. Haiti needs airports and hotels in every department for tourists to vacation in all departments.

They should build hospitals, nursing homes and affordable housing for the haitian overseas workers and foreign people to return to retire in Haiti in all departments.

Haiti needs more security to keep the country safe. The haitian carpenters, they make some nice furniture, they should export their furniture in the USA, Canada, France etc. The haitian dressmakers and taylors make some nice wedding dresses and suits. etc. The garment industry can bring great profit to Haiti.

They should export their garments overseas.They should build Malls in every sector of Port au Prince for the flea markets merchants to survive until they can find a better job.
Haiti needs motor boats for the people who have to travel by boats to reach their destination faster and safer.

Every department needs a mechanic school and a car dealer for the haitian people to travel by car faster and promote social mobilisation.

I hope Matelly Conille leadership can put Haiti on the road to development.The haitian people should get together and work together to create jobs and develop Haiti.

Happy Holidays.


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