Voodoo is sacred and it is the most sacred religion of the...

Toulimen Legrand - December 18 2011, 8:26 PM

Voodoo is sacred and it is the most sacred religion of the world when it is practiced according to the animistic values.

It is the world oldest and the first religion and we cannot ban it at all. I am not calling for eradication of Voodoo at all. Rather I am calling for a purge within Voodoo's practices because secret societies are not Voodoo at all. They are a bunch of criminals aimed at committing crimes on the Haitian soil. They are the seeds of the Haitian oligarchy and that is why Haiti is closed for businesses.

We must arrest those criminals and their elites members to relocate them to Navasa Island.

Haiti must change, but secret societies are the ones that keep Haiti in deep poverty.

They are like the Dogonists in Mali and that is why Mali is the poorest country in West Africa and Sudan comes also in the first place in North Africa.

Secret societies are evildoers and not Voodooers.

They are darkness forces and we must ban their practices in Haiti.

Relocation is the option ok Jean-Pierre and you will agree with me. They are shameful people and they are far to be Voodooers.

We must purge the Voodoo by taking those criminals out of this beautiful and the oldest religion of the world.

When Haiti was practicing pure Voodoo up to 1862, Haiti was beautiful and Haitian people were respected everywhere.

With the coming of the Protestantism with their rejection's campaign against Voodoo, criminality took place and Haiti became what it is now. Haiti was never a criminal society, but now those secret societies and the Haitian oligarchy transformed Haiti into a hell. We must relocate them to Navasa Island and open Haiti for businesses ok...

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