No, Jean Pierre, on the contrary, the day vodou becomes openly...

Bernadette - December 19 2011, 1:11 AM

No, Jean Pierre, on the contrary, the day vodou becomes openly the Official Religion of Haiti and Haitians, that will be the day of LIBERATION.

Vodou is the essence of Haitian culture.

To top it all, the price Haitians had to pay to keep the Religion.

During salvery, If Haitians were caught practicing they were severely beaten by master.

The Ceremony of Bois Caiman which is the official day that marked the beginning of the Haitian Revolution was a vodou ceremony.

Vodou keeps the Haitian Culture alive and well. We should not be ashamed of it. Like any other religion it is not perfect.

But Vodou defines our essence regardless social standing.

Besides, it is a legacy that our ancestors left for us. We should not give it away. It is precious.

It is also our way of connecting to our ancestors.

Chin up, square up your shoulders and be proud.

It is who we are.

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