Dear bernadette! We are in agreement again. Who could disagree...

Mitch - December 20 2011, 11:28 PM

dear bernadette!
We are in agreement again.

Who could disagree with you on that?

The history of our nation's economics is one of deceit and folly.

I am not advocating isolation neither do I believe it works.

I did not fully understand your notion of: < cultural, sociological and psychological make-up. On our part.> as I understand it our people are being manipulated by a sort of international gangsterism.

We are being lead by people who don’t have our best interest at heart.

For the first time I don’t think we are the only culprit for our situation, though we are guilty of stupidity and naivety.

We have educated ourselves into believing what the foreigners want us to believe.

We love whom they want us to love. We hate whom they want us to hate. We refuse to reconcile among ourselves unless a great diplomat tells us it is ok to do so. Last Friday December 16th some Haitians were afraid to go to the dec16th celebration but the US Embassy sent an envoy to attend that celebration.

Which celebration I did not agree on anyway because it was not a day of LAvalas in the first place.

Our neighbors are doing much better than us because We don’t have a penagomez of the DR a Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua and so on. Let me tell you one good reason to know where you have been. Why did we have to wait for permission from some embassies before we could agree to accept some airports from Hugo Chavez?

Those who said no to us why did they not build those airports for us?

Did we need those airports?

Can I finish by reminding you that we get very little help from the so international community we just have an intellectual and political class that is very cheap and undemanding because they only see themselves in every equation.

The fights we have had are manufactured and cooked in the kitchen of our own enemies.

What have we accomplished with our fights if not a total disregard of our sovereignty and disdain for the political class?

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Mitch, I would agree with you 100% here with knowing...


Duvalier caused agriculture disaster, insecurity & slums in Haiti

♦From 1959 to year 2011 Haitian agriculture deteriorated progressively because Duvalier

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Mitch, Sad but true, most nations don't know us...

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