Mitch, Sad but true, most nations don't know us still. They...

Bernadette - December 21 2011, 2:28 PM

Mitch, Sad but true, most nations don't know us still.

They think that we are this little island nation who got away from slavery too soon and are devil worshipers and riddle in poverty.

They have a very sketchy cartoonist attitude toward us. To put it mildly, they can't relate to us. To make matters worst, those nations include places like Latin America, Africa, our neighbors in the Caribbeans.

Sociological: History, Language(s),Religion, Education -- Sum total is a sociological make up.
Psychological: How we internalized, speak, think and behave according to our history, religion and level of education - Sum total is a psychological make up.
I believe that "Lavalas" being Haitians have the right to conglomerate peacefully.

They have the right to their own thinking, ridiculous as it may be, this is their right as citizens of the Country.

Haiti's business elite and political leaders need a total reprogramming on what it will take to seriously start-up Haiti forward.

We just can't afford to hire our presidents on the basis of pure emotion anymore.

They must have what it takes, the skills required plus of course charisma.

Michel Martelli has the charisma, has the desire but people surrounding him are still part of the old boy network...Since Martelli is the new kid on the block, it makes it that much tougher for him. In the meanwhile the Haitian people are anxiously waiting for something new...

I don't think we should wait for anybody to build anything for us anymore.

We have got to take the initiatives; We have got to do it in a building bloc process with good structural planning.

Short of it, Haiti will always spell chaotic.

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dear bernadette! We are in agreement again. Who could...


Duvalier caused agriculture disaster, insecurity & slums in Haiti

♦From 1959 to year 2011 Haitian agriculture deteriorated progressively because Duvalier

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